Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Homeschooling Again

We have decided to homeschool our youngest son next year when he will be in Grade 10. We think that he needs time to catch up with himself and become a bit more self-motivated. Our other three children were homeschooled throughout primary school, but our youngest got caught up in all the instability of my going into the ministry. This is not to say that he hasn't coped - all the children have managed very well. It is just to say that I feel that we owe him something for what he gave up.
We were all ready to go with a correspondence college when the school he is currently attending and where my husband teaches offered to be his support base. This is awesome because he can learn in his own time and way but still do the school assessments so that he can have a report at the end of the year.
The report is necessary because I don't know where we will be living in 2014 when he will probably go back to school. He is looking forward to it very much.

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