Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Judging Character

Something that has struck me is that as a minister I can't always go with the flow. This might be an obvious leadership principle, but in many ways it seems more Christian to give in to others and let them have their way. When it only affects me, that's fine, but when it affects the church, I just don't have that luxury. I can risk hurt to myself and bear it, but hurt to the church could be a much more significant thing.
The other aspect to this that I have just realised now is that of judging character. I always prefer to give people the benefit of the doubt and believe them to be basically on my team. I thought of saying that I am not a good judge of character, but mostly I have not been surprised . . . but those times I have been have caused pain to others beside myself. I need to get to know people in order to know their characters, not only their competence. Obvious. Well, no, I have taken too much for granted with people that I thought were peripheral!

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Anonymous said...

Charles Spurgeon said something to this effect: Look for the most trusted person in your Church. That is the one who will betray you, defy you, oppose you. In my early ministry, I thought he was a cynic. 30 years later, he has been right more often than not.