Monday, December 03, 2012


I am at a point where I haven't been before. That is that I am entering the second year as minister of a society. The thing that I have found unexpectedly is that as things are getting going I am running out of leaders and I don't know the congregation in general well enough to find more. I am a bit afraid of being swamped next year. My very next step needs to be in the direction of leader development!
This is only true for one of my societies, I have struggled to get any momentum in the other. But as it happens the circuit has decided to switch me from that society to another. This was to accommodate a colleague of mine, but I still feel a bit of a loser. If I had done better with that congregation maybe I wouldn't have moved!
But I can see lots of possibilities for the new society and I hope that all will go well with the 'old' one.

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