Wednesday, January 23, 2013

And more hope

Our student ministers' seminar (we don't seem to be called probationers anymore) had another good day. We spoke about Marikana and similar recent events with the question 'what does God think of our economy'. It was really cool and engaging.
However, I am beginning to fear that while I enjoy the sessions there are many who don't quite keep up and so perhaps enjoy it less. I hope that the church keeps giving enough to enable those who can excel to do so - and perhaps create a stream for those who see themselves strictly as pastors and never as prophets.


Steve Hayes said...

It would be interesting to hear what was said about Marikana and the economy at the seminar. Was there an agreed interpretation? An agreed course of action?

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Jenny Hillebrand said...

Hi Steve
The thing that stands out most for me was that people felt strongly that individual policemen should not be held morally responsible for the events of Marikana as they were also victims of an unjust economic system. There was not enough time (or energy from the students) to go into depth about what a just economic system looked like. The speaker pointed out the benefits of capitalism but that the necessary balance was a good social grant system for those denied the right to work. We are supposed to go off and write assignments - but unfortunately we are not expected to design a new way of running the economy. It is more pastoral stuff. A key point was that Marikana didn't happen over night and the implication was that any minister in the Methodist Church could have a situation simmering and we should be helping to bring about justice before a crisis point is reached. I suppose I take it for granted that the thing was taken to be an economic problem rather than perhaps an abuse of power problem. In brief!
Thanks for the comment.