Monday, January 21, 2013

Good Enough

I am attending the first probationers' (student ministers') training for the year. It has been an interesting day. We listened to two enthusiastic expositions of two passages. And necessarily one asks oneself whether they were good expositions or not (only in private, as I am the student and these were given by the teachers - or in observation on a blog!)
I did my theology degree at a college that expected a high degree of academic rigour and of course I have a post-grad degree (but I try to forget that as much as I can at times like these) and I do struggle with the actual logic of some exegeses. We've had our science-degree-studying daughters home over the holidays and one is reminded to say what you mean and to say it correctly. And more than that, many educated young people today expect that sort of accuracy.
So were the expositions today good? Yes they were, but the perfectionist in me cries quietly in the depths and I know that many university students would mourn the lack of credibility that Christianity sometimes presents. On the other hand many of those listening today were challenged to look more deeply into the Bible text and to look for fresh understanding. I wish we could all be perfect, but I guess that sometimes we settle for good enough. Even rejoice in good enough. And pray for the few that will truly demonstrate excellence.
And be glad that I am not the focus, but wonder where I fit?

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