Sunday, January 27, 2013

Setting Goals

I occasionally wonder whether I ought to have an intentional social networking policy. At the moment I blog when I have something to say and am not under too much pressure, tweet occasionally and Facebook  and Google plus never. There are schools of thought which say that one should carefully determine how often you update each of these and what sort of content you put where. There is some appeal to the idea.
Only I am not sure that it matters enough to me to build my own brand on the internet. Perhaps I should wait until I really feel that I have something I need to say . . . or maybe that will be too late!
In a sense I need to build my connection network in my congregations. Other people (minister and lay) build networks at a District level or even connexional. I suppose that some manage all three (local, District and internet). 
It is important to decide where to invest the sort of emotional energy that this requires of me!

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