Friday, February 01, 2013

Blessed - or making excuses?

That heading doesn't really work, but it's ok.
I have just come from our youth group's opening Friday where they have put in a lot of effort and planning. But I'm feeling bad because I left early. They would have been so happy if I could have stayed to the end. But the fact is that I am exhausted. I have had meetings every evening this week and today is actually my day off, but there was just stuff to do and it had to be done. So I am making excuses.
But also realising how blessed I am to have this work to do. Three evenings this week were very productive and were well spent. Last night was the circuit quarterly meeting and that, as is the nature of circuit quarterlies, was tiring more than productive (in spite of being well run and not too stressful) but the interactions around the edges were important - more so than I anticipated. I am proud of our young people for tonight.
I am tired - but I am glad for what is making me tired!

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