Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How to make decisions

I have been away for three days on a district ministers summit. Time well spent.

I have been enjoying Ken Schenck's overview of the book "Bishop" by Will Willimon. He particularly likes Willimon's take on decision making and so do I.

What I enjoyed most in the chapter was the four modes of decision making:
  • authoritative - the "my way or the highway" leader.  Worked good in the early Middle Ages.  Not so much now
  • voting - suffice it to say, those with exceptional insight are, by definition, not the majority
  • consensus - ideal, but almost impossible to achieve on hard decisions
  • contributive - it comes last so it must be what he likes (Willimon didn't actually come up with this list).  This is when a leader or appropriate leaders listen to all the voices and then make an informed decision.
 Read this part of the overview here.
I tend to use the contributive approach. I never call for a vote because if an issue needs a vote I don't believe the proposal will be well-supported when implemented. I think the contributive approach can look like a consensus approach when the decision is made in a meeting and members are happy to give the leader a little extra say in the matter.


Anonymous said...

I shall put this on my reading list!

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Cool :-)