Thursday, February 14, 2013

Induction Services

I am struggling with a request from one of my congregations to hold an induction service for leaders. I said I would only do it if it was for all leaders and all who serve. That was ok, but now I received a really nice order for induction, and it can't realistically be done for all who serve.
I know that we have elected leaders and thus 'offices' in the Methodist Church, but I so believe in 'every member ministry' that it goes badly against the grain to separate out some who are worthy to serve from those who presumably are not.
I guess it would be a good opportunity to talk about serving and leadership. But I am trying to start a Lent series on the same Sunday.
So grateful for people who think and take the initiative.
So struggling to head in one direction at a time.
So glad for people who take the commitment of their leaders seriously.
There is nothing as far as I know in the Methodist discipline (laws) about inductions. Methodist practice varies so much from place to place that it is not a guide - and besides certain growing practices I think should be resisted.
Sigh . . .

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