Wednesday, March 06, 2013


The first few months of a Methodist probationer's year contain all sorts of evaluation events. This year, being the year before I might be ordained, there are some added hoops to jump through.
Already I have done my trial service. This was at Paarl Methodist Church and was a good experience. I really appreciated some of the comments that I received and it was a meaningful learning experience as well as an evaluation.
Tomorrow evening is the 'Listening Committee'. This is composed of an ordained minister, a circuit steward, a local preacher and another member of the society. There are set questions to be asked and answered and I am busy pondering over them now. The more difficult ones being 'How has my sense of call changed during probation' and 'How have I integrated my academic studies with circuit work'. These aren't difficult to answer, but I wouldn't like to try to do so without preparation.
With all of this there is the ongoing wondering about where I will be stationed next year. I do believe that I will be able to cope with whatever comes my way, so I feel that I am ok - but I am pretty sure that I am stressing at a deeper level . . .
In the meantime I am enjoying the challenge of the church work and am trusting to God for both now and the future.

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