Thursday, March 14, 2013

Unstructured reading

I have been trying to read Pastor by Will Willimon for about nine months. While I enjoy what he his saying, I have struggled to hold it together in my mind. I blamed it on the fact that I was reading on Kindle, even though I have read plenty of other books on the Kindle without difficulty. This particular book does seem to have serious problems with formatting though - new chapters just follow on the previous and the heading fonts seem to be totally random.
Then I read someone's comment that they found Willimon's writing very unstructured . . . and so it dawned on me that maybe it wasn't actually my fault that I was struggling.
I am now reading the chapters in random order and it is working very well for me :-)

*update Having nearly finished the book, I don't know if I would call it unstructured. There is just a lot of material and some of it overlaps. I wonder if there is a Kindle update for their poor formatting?

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