Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A little stress

I am feeling a little too stressed at the moment. Cut back to give myself space and realise it is still not enough. But I am sure it will pass.

I have to see someone today who I can only listen to. We are always encouraged to refer people to more highly trained professionals when necessary, but how do you do that when people are struggling with money and government social workers are overworked? This is not a desperate situation, I don't think, but I feel inadequate to help.

Bereavement when I still don't really know the congregation are difficult.

I must see someone about a conflict within one congregation that I see looming.

And tonight is the circuit quarterly meeting where they should vote as to whether I proceed to ordination. I don't even know if my superintendent is in town or what is happening! We just heard that he was away . . . Hopefully he is back.

So a little moan. Thanks for listening. It will get better!

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