Monday, April 15, 2013

Elections and Idols

Something has dawned on me about voting. You see we vote in two (at least) distinctly different arenas. The one is where we vote in political elections and church elections and school board elections for people to represent us in performing a function.

The other is where we vote for whoever we think is the best at something - like American Idols or footballer of the year. But we have no expectations of them after the vote - just that they carry on being good at whatever they do.

This is why we have so much disconnect. People vote because they want to support someone and say 'this is my guy' without understanding that in church and politics there is an expectation that he or she then takes on a responsibility.

This explains the odd attitude that people sometimes have about the DA (Democratic Alliance). Some will say that they are sore losers because they only work for people in the places where they have won elections. Why don't they work in other areas? Because they don't govern there (duh!) But for many people there is no (duh!) They don't get the difference between voting for popularity and voting for government.

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