Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Following on from yesterday . . .

By and large, my stressful things worked out better than I expected. After spending time with the person I was counselling I didn't think that I should refer him anywhere - not that his problems are small, just that even  the most hot-shot counsellor is not going to be able to make them disappear. My bereavement visit fell into place so easily. Busy with my regular visits I mentioned this one to my 'pastoral assistant' and she said 'oh, they live just around the corner, do you want me to take you there now?' Awesome! And my potential conflicts were joking together after the circuit quarterly meeting that evening. The quarterly meeting was not without its trauma (as those of you who read my blog post before I took it down will know!), but the meeting did unanimously agree to recommend me for ordination without any debate. The superintendent arrived in good time and had everything under control.
Is God good, or is God good?

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