Wednesday, April 10, 2013

How the week goes . . .

On Monday our 'mission project', Saamwerk, started a new thing with an introductory course in crafts. I was very pleased to arrive on Monday morning and find a bunch of new ladies had signed up. Perhaps my slight pessimism about projects is misplaced. I can see this developing!

Monday evening I explained my plans for the next quarter to the worship leader and then the cell leaders at Wesley Mission. Lots of buy in and enthusiasm. The cells even promised to work at multiplying within six months which I didn't expect!

Tuesday morning was pastoral visits at Beacon Ridge - it was a good time. Tuesday evening was meeting with cell leaders at Beacon Ridge and sharing a similar vision as with Wesley. Their cell groups are still a few weeks old, but I was very excited to hear what is already happening in them. After that I did my first 'John Wesley visit' and went to see one of the Wesley cell groups. There were eighteen people squashed into the living room of the home - all sorts of people, young, old, churched, unchurched. The doctrine shared was a little varied, but I believe that God has something to work with!

Today, my pastoral visits at Wesley were canceled, but I've just heard of two members in Groote Schuur so I don't get to stop just yet. Still quite a bit of planning and admin to do today, but then I try to keep Wednesday evenings free of meetings and so tonight is free. Then tomorrow is study/sermon prep, meeting in the evening and Friday my day off!

It's been a busy week and one that challenges my introvert soul heavily, but very worthwhile. The next two weeks are full of leaders meetings and circuit meetings and then I am away on IST for a week. This week had to be a bit of a do or die week!

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