Friday, April 19, 2013

More Scribblings on Belief

Do I need to put in all the caveats to what a wrote the other day about belief? I know that  things should be more complex than what I had to say. Ultimately I think that our belief should result from a quest for truth. Unfortunately, we cannot in all times and places determine truth with absolute certainty. We do our best, if we are honest and then move to the next step. Belief inevitably impacts the way we live and we need to ask ourselves whether a certain belief (or set of beliefs) is consistent with the lifestyle that we choose for ourselves based on our values, however they are derived. Having done all of that processing in our lives (on truth and values) belief does become just a choice to be made, with some validity.

In my ministry now I am encountering many people who live with their adult children who have 'become Muslim'. This is a cause of a lot of unease in the families and I had to meet with one old lady in my car because she felt that I would be unwelcome in the house. In general these children are not dedicated Muslims. They have just chosen a belief. I can't figure out the reason behind it at the moment, although I am almost certain that it is a denial of Christian lifestyle values rather than an embracing of Muslim ones and has very little to do with truth.

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