Thursday, May 09, 2013

Good to Great

I am reading Good to Great by Jim Collins. I know that I am years behind everyone else, but that's just how it is!
I can see why church leaders recommend these ideas, they are awesome. I have also bought his 'caveat book' which is called Good to Great for the Social Sectors and I am interested to see what it says.

So far I've read the chapters dealing with Level 5 leadership - I'm ok with that. Who and then what (seats on the bus) - I've heard that before and in different guises, I suppose as people have internalised it. Confronting the brutal facts. yes makes sense - although sometimes the brutal facts about the finances in my one church seem overwhelming (they aren't, they aren't!).

The hedgehog principle has me slowed down. I understand it - I think Jim Collins (no, it was someone else) also mentioned it during his talk at the Global Leadership Summit last year. It means finding that one idea that you are going to pursue and pursuing it relentlessly. But I will have to think hard how to apply that to 'my' churches - particularly the one that I joined only this year.

The three questions that one must ask to find your hedgehog principle are What can you do best, How is your economy driven and What are you passionate about?

Churches aren't in competition with each other like businesses are. So maybe we should ask what can we do better than the enemy? I'm not sure if that will help.

The economy of a church is important - and I like that it is drawn into the main working principle like this. Partly because if everything is healthy the finances will be healthy and to some extent vice versa. So I guess we want to maximise giving per family. Or should we say giving per church service? I struggle to see the options. Must think.

And the difficulty with the passion question, in this church, is that it is not very united. There is lots of passion, but all going off at different angles with very little intersection.
How long have I got left in this church? Maybe six months? Maybe eighteen months? I guess in that time I am going to be playing Find the Hedgehog!

Good times, if challenging.

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