Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pentecost and Beyond

We are now through Easter and through Pentecost Sunday. It has been an awesome ride! I think the two churches have been faithful to God's call and mission over this period and I hope and believe that it has been a time of building and strengthening and equipping.

The next step is synod which is held this week in all the districts of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa. They are held simultaneously because of the presiding bishop elections. My moment of trauma is the synod exegesis oral which is held this afternoon. Fortunately it is only with a committee, but having had a not-so-good experience last year I am not looking forward to this one.

I have been too overloaded to give any attention to my PhD and I am now mentally exhausted when actual time seems to be opening up. The question of whether or not I take leave in June/July has been answered. By then all my MCSA study work will be completed and I should have the rest of the year to throw at the PhD, God willing!

So, we are busy, but God is good!

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