Wednesday, September 04, 2013


Stationing in the Methodist church is a process full of stress and angst. For ministers, congregations and bishops. However much I have tried to ignore it, this has been the background music - or noise - to my thoughts and plans for the last few months.
Subject to the approval of the Methodist Conference I will be moving to the Parow Society in the Tygerberg Circuit next year. My new superintendent phoned me yesterday to say that he would call me again after conference. We were both hesitant, wondering, is this appointment real, or is it going to change.
For me, this is already a change from what I was originally told, and so I know that change can happen. But I am now reasonably confident that Parow it will be. With some aspect of Ravensmead thrown in  - it is all mysterious at the moment!
But I am excited at the prospect of change. I am sorry to leave my congregations here in Mitchell's Plain. These two years have been a truly blessed time for me. There have been excruciatingly difficult times and it has never been actually easy, but it has been fulfilling. Certainly in retrospect!
Now, it is looking for jobs (husband) and schools (son), which are hopefully the same (husband being a teacher). It is also wondering about travelling to the University of Cape Town for my elder son and my two daughters who are planning to move to Cape Town. Where will we all stay? Together? What is the manse like? Will we be able to buy our own house? Our house in Johannesburg is on the market. Will it sell?
God has always, always been faithful to us in these situations. We hardly dare hope that he will continue to show us his kindness, but we do hope and believe. Mostly! I can't deny that background noise to all my thoughts . . .


Delme Linscott said...

Strength to you and the family Jenny. Can't believe you guys have been there 2 years already. God bless

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Thanks Delme :-)