Thursday, September 05, 2013


I learnt a new word the other day. Supramundane. It was applied to God and means transcendent - I suppose more than mundane. Sometimes when I blog my experiences seem mundane. Much of ministry is the same day after day and there is not much really to be said.
Most of the really interesting stuff is unbloggable because I can't violate the privacy of others.
And some things are newsworthy. Perhaps supramundane? A few weeks ago a young man drove his bakkie off the pier at the V&A waterfront. It was on the front page of the Argus newspaper. He was the 'adopted' son of a couple in one of my churches. Two very dedicated and wonderful people. I ask and they ask, 'why God?'.
But if I share newsworthy things it really skews the perception of ministry. This was a very sad occasion - but actually, so far, it has only caused me one visit to the family. Due to the nature of circumstances the young man was buried in another town. A very sad occasion, but one that only touches me peripherally. 
From a ministry point of view it is peripheral . . . but I guess these things do touch deeply as well.

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