Saturday, September 14, 2013

Technorati, Distractions and Priorities

September is Youth Month in the part of the Methodist Church where I am now. This means that having done the two Communion services for the month I am not preaching on Sundays until October. I have planned all year that this would be the time that I climbed into my PhD work and made serious inroads on my thesis.
But I am like a school child being dragged to school. Yesterday was my day off and I worked a bit on my thesis, but spent the whole time dying to see if I could write a Python script to get Technorati scores for blogs on Antioch Crossing.
Yesterday evening I wrote the script, but discovered that only six of the blogs on the list had meaningful Technorati ratings! Maybe if others were to register with Technorati we could have more comparison, but it may be that Technorati is also dying.
Anyway here they are. The number on the left is the Technorati authority. What is Technorati authority?

115  Urban Ministry Live and Unplugged
95    An Uncommon Path
95    Khanya
95    Carpenter's Shoes
85    A Vow of Conversation
79    Wessel's Place

In general, being linked to should increase a site's Technorati rating, so writing this is changing things!


Steve Hayes said...

I thought Technorati had died long ago, and I haven't looked at it for several months.

It used to be a good place (about 5-6 years ao, which is several aeons on the Internet) for finding blog posts on a particular topic, but it no longer does that, and doesn't seem to serve any useful function that I can see. I doubt that most bloggers even know it exists.

Jenny Hillebrand said...

The authority numbers do seem to change in a logically consistent way, so when it works I think it works. The problem is the number of blogs that seem to be stuck on '1'. I think it would need blog owners to contact Technorati support to sort them out. And I don't know if Technorati are that interested anymore.
If you have any other ideas for ranking? I have Google Pagerank on the page as well, but this is a very stable figure and does not change easily.
I'm not willing to ask people to add in a script because I don't have the infrastructure or knowledge to prevent hacking!

Anonymous said...

My problem with Technorati - which is, admittedly, my own fault - is that I can't get into it! I registered with it about 5 years ago when I was still in the Netherlands. It was fairly useful because I could see who was linking to my blog which sometimes led to interesting encounters. However, having not paid much attention to it since then, I've now discovered that I haven't a clue what my password is, and I no longer have the email address that I used to register it with, so I can't reset it. I don't know if it would prove helpful if I could get in (i.e. if I'd be able to see anything helpful), but I can't :-(

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Hi Macrina
You can see your page without signing in

It does still show when someone links to you, but I don't know if they have to be registered with Technorati or not.