Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Untying the Knots

I have spent time during the last three or four days making a major effort to get back into my PhD thesis. It hasn't been as hard as I anticipated. I have been very careful to work in the knowledge that my time available would be erratic and so the threads are all there to be picked up.
However, I realised this evening how much I am struggling to expand into my writing. I always have a tendency to use as few words as possible and I seem to have tied knots in my own wordstream - as it were! Write some stuff about the background to Paul's letter to the Romans. But why? It's all there in these other books. Go read if you want to know. No, no, the point is that you need to write it down so that the rest of the thesis makes sense. It is basic stuff, but it needs to be there to make it complete. Try to remember that not everyone has done all the reading and thinking that you have done. You need to communicate that. Oh? Can I write that all down? Will they be interested? You mean that I can use all of this stuff to make up my wordcount? But that's easy. Yes, well, that's actually the point!

And also a motivation to get back into blogging. To get the words to flow again. I guess I try to find reasons why I get more wrapped up in talking to myself than the outside world, but I'm not sure that I will ever understand. And so the solution is probably just to write!

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