Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Heaviness and Lightness

The past few days have been quite hard. Those things that other ministers have to deal with landed on my doorstep. I want to say 'just when I had planned on getting stuck into my PhD', but that is callous when one remembers that what are problems or difficulties for me are crises and times of pain for other people. And for me. I haven't really figured out how not to totally enter into their pain.
And then there are the leaders who don't understand and bring out anger in me. And other leaders who also feel the pain.
But I think we are nearly through the worst.
God's timing is good. Just when I have started to make my way back into serious praying this happens - and I have been able to use what learned to give the load to Jesus to carry. So heaviness, but also lightness. God is good.

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