Friday, October 04, 2013

Internet Speed

There is an interesting article at Lifehacker about checking internet speed. People around the world get way, way, way faster internet than I do. You can check the speed of your connection
This is what I got with Telkom ADSL in Mitchells Plain:

The people on Lifehacker got so much better results I can hardly believe it! Any South Africans willing to share their speeds in the comments?


Macrina Walker said...

I got 0.98 mbps download and 0.84 upload and 22 ms ping (no idea what the last is). This is actually extremely good for me and my internet is much faster today than it has been for ages as we've been having real problems (and being out of town are dependent on a radio connection which means there's not much competition). Just hope it lasts!

Jenny Hillebrand said...

My son looked at this and said that it's much better than we have been getting as well. But when he checked he also got these sorts of figures, so, as you say, hopefully things are looking up!