Thursday, October 10, 2013

Knowing your community

I suppose the best way to know your community is to get out there and meet them. But the census data can also tell a lot. Earlier this year I found an analysis of Mitchell's Plain from the 2001 census that was extremely helpful. Now there are two other resources from the more recent 2011 census.

The Cape Town City website has all sorts of analyses that are most helpful. I have used the one where data is analysed by suburb to check out the Parow  area where I will be working next year.

A fun one that covers the whole country and summarises the census into dots on a map can be found at It is a pity that the first choice on this one is to look at things by race. I found language fascinating and household income interesting too.


Steve Hayes said...

Very interesting, though the language and income distribution was much as I would have expected it.

Jenny Hillebrand said...

I suppose they were to be expected. I was surprised by the swathes of language dots in contiguous bands. It shows the potential for ethnic conflict in a different way.
I was interested by how often areas held quite a range of incomes. Although the categories are a bit too broad, so it's hard to know what the distribution is really like.