Saturday, January 18, 2014

Getting going again

So much has happened in the last six weeks that I find it difficult to know what to blog. The bottom line is that most of it is good and my family and I are happy.

We are settled into our new home in Tijgerhof and transfer of the property should be complete in the next couple of weeks. We have not yet sold our house in Johannesburg, so that is a bit of a worry, but we are not yet without hope.

The younger generation all did very well in their end of year results and are moving into the next phase of their education. We will have three children at UCT, although the eldest is now doing her best to be self-supporting. Our youngest will probably be homeschooled in one manner or another again this year. For various reasons we are still trying to figure this year out for him. But in general things are looking good for him with an exciting scout group in the area and other fun stuf.

We are enjoying being close to a good library, squash courts, bookshops and various other facilities.

I have been at 'work' in my churches for just over two weeks now. Both Parow and Ravenmead Methodist Churches look like good places to be. I spent most of this week at our January ordinands seminar so I have not seen that much of the churches yet.

This year sees settling into the new societies, getting through the requirements for ordination and a do-or-die effort on my PhD. I am a little stressed, but mostly quite a lot happier than I have been for a long time! God is good.

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Steve Hayes said...

I was interested in cour comments about home schooling, and I've recently discovered a remarkable amount of prejudice and outright bigotry about it online, ehich I blogged about here Home schooling and bigotry | Notes from underground, so I'm interested in your experience of it.