Monday, January 27, 2014

Parow Methodist Web Page

I am starting to update the web page for Parow Methodist. It can be found at And no, I didn't create the URL - the web page was here before me!

This is what I wrote today to the community:

This last Sunday was my induction service. It was held at Ravensmead Methodist Church as I will also be working there part-time. (Rev Fidler's induction service was held at Parow, so it was Ravensmead's turn this time!)

The service was led by Rev Vincent Harry who is the District Secretary. He had a great message for us and it was a good service.

In the service the congregation made some promises (and so did I, as the minister!) These were my words, in response to words said by Vincent Harry. The congregation responded with the words in bold.

I ask God to help me, and I invite you all to join with me in proclaiming the Gospel of life and hope.

Through Christ, we have Good News to share.

I ask God to help me,and I invite you all to join with me in commitment to the way of Christ.

May we reveal Christ's way through our words and example.

I ask God to help me, and I invite you all to join with me in sharing God's all-embracing love.

May we respond to Christ in all we meet.

And so we are all challenged to proclaim the good news of Jesus, to live like Christians and to show love in all that we do.

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