Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Big Rocks

Someone said that if you want to fill a container with rocks and sand, put the rocks in first and the sand will fill the gaps. If you put the sand in first, you may not be able to get the rocks in.

I guess that ideally the rocks in our lives are our priorities, but for me recently they have been the non-negotiables. So October saw my being away for three days on District Ministers Retreat. We had Prof Roderick Hewitt from UKZN speak to us. We also had Fees Must Fall protests happening - so our group work time was spent applying what Prof Hewitt was teaching to our understanding of the protests. We left the retreat a few hours early to go and be on the university campuses.

I also spent two days in Johannesburg on a workshop presented by the Education for Ministry and Mission Unit (EMMU) of the MCSA. This because I have been assisting with the School of Vocation in our district. The SoV is intended to help people refine their understanding of their own call - whether it be to full time ministry or otherwise. I think this is a helpful function.

It's strange how these total only five days, but in terms of ministry they mean the loss of almost two weeks work. I don't regret the time . . . Just some of the stuff I have been doing. Perhaps I will unpack some of it on the blog later.


Steve Hayes said...

The problem with going to meetings is that often you don't know beforehand whether they will be important or a waste of time that could be better used for something else. I've often been to meetings hoping for great things, and afterwards wished I'd stayed at home. But at other times, I've been glad to have gone. One can only know by hindsight.

Jenny Hillebrand said...

That is the advantage of often being the one planning or leading the meeting. I don't let it happen if I think it will be a waste of time!
Unfortunately there are those other ones, as you say!