Thursday, March 16, 2017

What is this thing called time?

What is this thing called time? I suddenly have it. I am starting to work on my backlog. What an amazing sense of freedom.
Not that I am doing everything that everyone might hope from me, but the important is distinguishable from the urgent.
Mostly this sudden increase in the volume of time is a result of my PhD being finished. Eventually! Corrections and revisions done, graduation date set.

Also both church societies have settled into the rhythm of the year. The society leaders are no longer waiting for me but are able to get going with their contributions to the work of the church. God willing, I will be keep up with them all from now on!

Now to expand my horizons.

I saw a strange beastie on my run this morning. It was black and furry, like a cat, but shaped like a mongoose. Small for a cat, but big for a mongoose. It streaked across the road towards the dam. Time to enjoy this!

My almost two year old border collie is running beautifully now. She even had her nose just at my knee, where it should be, instead of half a pace ahead. Her dog school teachers would never believe how good she can be! More time for dogs now.

I'm thinking/ dreaming/ playing around with the idea of doing an MBA or Post Grad Diploma in Business Administration. They are expensive! Priced for company sponsorship - the church isn't in that league.