Friday, October 06, 2017

Karoo National Park

We have just spent three nights in the Karoo National Park. I wanted to visit the park in order to see what it was like, but I really expected to be disappointed. We used to enjoy the Kruger National Park when we lived in Johannesburg and it was less than a day's drive away, but there had been nothing comparable in the Cape area. Table Mountain National Park and Cape Point are very enjoyable, but a very different experience to Kruger. The West Coast National Park has always seemed a bit bleak, unless you go at peak flower. So we expected much the same at the Karoo Park, but were happily surprised.This park has the feel of a nascent Kruger. I don't know what the plans are for the future of the game reserve, but I hope they include increasing the biodiversity and slowly expanding the road infrastructure. I wish I could be around in 50 years to see what it is like.
Game drives were pleasant with lots of game and birdlife - we are typical 'we stop for birds' people, so we don't rely on the big five for entertainment. The roads were quiet, the picnic spots were quiet and clean and tidy, the camping area offered relatively secluded spots and peace. The sky at night was beyond awesome.
It was fun to see desert animals like gemsbok which you don't get at Kruger. We saw Karoo Korhaan on a drive and a Karoo Robin and the cutest 'Familiar Chat' hung around the campsite - as well as other birds.
This has been a great discovery for me - whenever I need a game reserve fix, we can now head to the Karoo and not long for Kruger.

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