Thursday, October 05, 2017


I bought myself a new laptop. I really like this laptop.
But I promised myself (or possibly I promised God) that I would start writing again if I bought this expensive laptop with the awesome keyboard. So the blog is the most convenient place to write!

My laptop is a Lenovo Thinkpad 13 with i7 processor, 8Gb ram and amazing full HD ISP display. It has to replace my old Lenovo Thinkpad x220 which was almost perfect. So far, it is doing a good job.

For a few months in between I was using a Lenovo Yoga 300 with a touchscreen. It had all the features of cool and very few features of being a useful workhorse. The worst thing being the keyboard. So I trawled reviews looking for the ideal keyboard and then looked for my other performance preferences. The Thinkpad 13 seems to hit the sweet spot.

The other thing that was non-negotiable was a non-gloss screen as my aging eyes were struggling with the glossy yoga. The HD IPS was . . . a self-indulgence justified by the hope of a brighter screen - the less fancy models apparently having a brightness of only 200 nits. I think. Apparently this is a case where nits are to be desired, but it is rather mysterious to me.

The fast SSD drive is nice too, but wasn't a determining factor in my choice. I wanted Windows 10 Pro, which this has, but to be honest I can't see that it offers me anything over the basic edition. I hoped that I wouldn't be constrained to get software updates, but I suspect I still am, unless I have missed a setting somewhere.

I bought the machine through Laptop Direct from where I also bought my x220 and they were great.

I am happy! And I will write . . .

Totally irrelevant, but I like this xkcd cartoon.

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