Monday, September 10, 2018

Bleak House

I am unintentionally busy with too many books. I started the one top right on Friday, am half way through and find it readable, intriguing but unsettling in an unhelpful way. Perhaps I will expand on that when I have finished the book! I started Bleak House on Sunday on a whim, am a third of the way through and finding it difficult to put down in favour of the other which I ought to read by the end of the week. The other two I fetched from the library today and may only start reading when I am finished with the two I am busy with! But they are really a furlough project as the isiXhosa will take time.
This makes me look rather intellectual . . .  I might be more commonly found reading Jonathan Kellerman, Phil Rickman, Deon Meyer or Alastair Reynolds whose detective stories I enjoy.

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