Thursday, September 13, 2018

Crime Stats

I have been playing with ways of looking at the latest crime stats in Cape Town. Rather than absolute values I have taken the number of murders in each police precinct and divided by the number of households (from the 2011 census). Multiplying by 100 gives a percentage which is, I think, a more meaningful figure.

This is totally a hack because I don't have the time to double check everything, but the figures look reasonable!

I have no way of working out the growth in population over the different areas - I suspect that Philippi has shown a lot of growth, which is why the murder rate looks so high. Or the murder rate may be high!

But these figures do show that Nyanga is not the 'murder capital' of the Western Cape! It has a similar murder rate to Bishop Lavis and Ravensmead.

If anyone has better access to figures and time, it would be interesting to see a 'properly' done version of this!

Click here for the map:

With thanks to code4sa for the SAPS crime stats data!

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